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Primary Care in Amarillo

Needing a Primary Care Physician? Contact us today and we can get you in to see one!

Primary Care Services

Family Coverage Primary Care Facility.

Hate having to explain your illness to someone new every time? When you get treated at Amarillo STAT Care, our primary care providers will consistently be available to help you with your long term issues so you will not have to keep repeating yourself.

Why do I need a Primary Care Provider?

Having one single person to handle all of your long term care needs can help to alleviate any confusion that can come from multiple providers prescribing various medications. Thus avoiding any possible medication reactions. A PCP also works as a central hub to orchestrate all of you specialist. We offer referral services and also monitor your routine labs. Some people only see their PCP once a year for a yearly check up while others may be seen weekly as we adjust medications and perfect treatments.

We would love to see you!

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