Amarillo STAT Care

Let us care for you while you are still young!


When you come to us for medical help, we are here to offer everything you need at the level you need it. These are just a few of our most used services that we offer.

Urgent Care's what you need when you have a minor emergency. Such as colds, coughs or cuts. If you need treatment NOW, you need our Urgent Care services.

We know that your body is special and we'll treat you with diginity. With a comfortable atmosphere, and a female provider you will no longer dread your exam.

If you always want to have the same provider treat you, when you have an issue that needs to be treated over a long time, you need to see a primary care provider.

Driving a big rig or specialty vehicle, requires you to be certified by a registered medical examiner. Come visit us at Amarillo STAT Care and our staff can perform your DOT.

Welcome to Amarillo STAT Care, a fresh approach to healthcare. We accept both walk-ins and appointments. We are not an ER, but are available for your urgent care needs. No need to worry about the high cost of the ER, we charge the amount you would pay for an office visit. We offer both primary care and urgent care in our facility. In our office, you will see the same provider for your urgent care and primary care needs. This decreases the amount of communication errors between providers. There is a breakdown in communication in healthcare, and we are here to be the solution.

We are small enough to get to know you personally, but large enough to cover all of your needs.

A new kind of medical provider. We want to redefine healthcare in Amarillo by providing you the ability to be seen either by appointment or simply by walking in. Amarillo Stat Care has providers from right here in Amarillo. We care about the community we serve and look forward to helping you. If you would like to experience a fresh approach to healthcare, come in and visit with our friendly staff.