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Women's Healthcare

Women's Healthcare

Come in for your annual Women's Healthcare exam. You will be able to feel comfortable with our friendly staff. Let us care for any of your needs from PAPs, confirmatory pregnancy tests or breast exams. We are able to refer you to any specialist when needed. Such as OB for pregnancy, plastic surgeon for augmentation or dermatologist for skin issues. At Amarillo STAT Care, we use real gowns and sheets, no more paper vest! We are also here for in house reading for UTI testing. We have female practitioners on staff that have been on the other side, and will treat you with the utmost respect and decency.

When do I need a bone density screening?

If you have a high risk for decreased bone density, then it is best of we begin testing at age 50. Increased risk can stem from family history, history of smoking, decreased sun exposure, lack of physical activity...

When do I need to begin Breast Cancer Screenings?

We recommend that every woman perform a self exam monthly. Whether it is on the first of the month or on the day of your birthday. Please screen yourself monthly. If you nave not been taught how to perform a self breast exam please come in and we will teach you and together we can help protect yourself. While breast cancer can strike at any age after age 50 it is recommended that you receive a mammogram every two years.

At what age do you need to begin your pap smear?

For cervical cancer screenings women should have their first pap smear at age 21 and then every three years after that until you reach age 30. After age 30 you only need to have a pap every 5 years unless there are abnormalities or you have a high risk for cervical cancer.

What if I'm sexually active?

Women's Healthcare | Amarillo STAT Care

Sexually active women should be evaluated for sexually transmitted diseases.
We offer a judgment free zone to evaluate you for all STDs.

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