My Throat Hurts

Amarillo STAT Care

There are a few reasons that you can experience pain in your throat, it can be caused by:

Infections -
Irritation, (allergens, pet dander, smoke, dust) -
nasal drainage -
dryness -
excessive talking or screaming -

Usually throat pain is accompanied by any of the following:

- Cough
- body aches
- fever
- swollen lymph nodes
- runny nose
- headache

How do we treat throat pain?

The first step to treating any illness is to determine the initial cause of the illness. With throat pain we begin by looking into your throat with a special tool that allows us to see the back of the throat, usually we will also use a wooden tongue depressor to help move your tongue out of our view. We will be checking your throat as well as your tonsils and mouth in general. A test is necessary to determine if you have strep throat because visual clues can only tell us so much.

On many instances we will perform a simple test to see if you have strep throat. To test for this we place a cotton swab in the back of your nose to obtain a sample. If we determine that you have an infection it may be necessary to begin an antibiotic treatment.

Feel better STAT!

This treatment will help your body fight the infection and help you feel better faster, lessen your symptoms and Also help to prevent the infection from spreading to your tonsils or other parts of your body.

The best way to prevent any throat pain is to wash your hands throughly the day. This is especially important if you are around other people that are sick or you are sick yourself. If you are exposed to irritants a simple saline wash may be able to help but if you are find yourself breathing in lots of dust or smoke please wear a mask to limit the amount of irritants that get into your body.

Reasons to be seen for medical treatment:

- Nausea for 24+ hours
- Chance of Being Pregnant
- Head Injury in the following days before vomiting
- Signs of dehydration such as not urinating for 12 hours while vomiting
- Severe Abdominal Pain
- If someone is unconscious and vomiting turn them onto their side and then call 911