I Threw Up All Night

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Throwing Up All Night?

Vomiting is the body's way of removing substances that are harmful or otherwise excessive and unneeded. Vomiting is usually both preceded and followed by nausea. Although it can have a sudden onset and be relieved immediately after the vomiting is over. The process of vomiting is not comfortable. Stomach acid is expelled with whatever is in the stomach and this burns the throat and nostrils on the way out. Plus it taste horrible.

While it is best to let the body remove the harmful substances, vomiting for an extended period of time can lead to dehydration and could be a sign of something more serious.

Almost everyone gets nauseous at some point in their lives and it is not usually life threatening. But if it continues for over 24 hours or there is blood in your vomit we recommend that you seek medical help.

There are a few remedies that we can use to help alleviate your nausea but first we try to decide why you are nauseous.

Some of the reasons can include:

- Food Poisoning
- Pregnancy
- Extreme nervousness
- Alcohol ingestion
- Motion sickness
- After determining the cause of your nausea we can possibly prescribe a medication to help reduce the feelings associated with throwing up.

What is available:

- Pills
- Rub on wrist cream
- Injections
- Suppositories