I Have The Flu

Amarillo STAT Care

Flu Symptoms

If you have been feeling terrible recently, there could be multiple reasons but if you have had:

Fever -
Cough -
Chills -
Body aches -
Lethargy -
Night Sweats -

You may have the Flu

You may have the flu. The Flu is caused by a virus attacking the body. It is very contagious and can be deadly. Death is most common in very young, elderly, and those with immune system deficiencies. There are about 4 million cases of flu every year with 300,000 deaths resulting from flu associated complications.

Flu Treatment

To treat the flu we begin by taking your vital signs to evaluate what is being affected in your body. If your symptoms and vital signs indicate that you may have the flu your provider may request that you take a flu test. This is a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes. All that it takes is a little cotton swab inserted in both nostrils. After 15 minutes the results are ready for interpretation. If you have a positive test then we can begin to treat the symptoms of the flu with either over the counter or prescription medications. Antiviral medications can also be given and may reduce your flu symptoms by 24-48 hours.

How to Prevent the Flu

The best way to handle the flu is not to get it at all.

We recommend:
- Hand washing
- Proper Rest
- Hydration
- Stay home if you have the flu so that you do not expose others
- Flu shots

The Center for disease control helps to develop an injection to help prevent people develop an immunity to the flu virus. It is comprised of 3-4 of the expected most common flu viruses of the upcoming season. Although it is not for everyone, the flu shot can help to prevent future infections and help you to have a healthier life.