I Have a Fever

Amarillo STAT Care

What Do I Do If I Have A Fever?

A fever is referred to as a temperature over 99 degrees. The normal human temperature is 98 degrees - 99 degrees with the average being 98.6 degrees. Any temperature over 99 is considered to be a fever. This is the body's reaction to an attack on the immune system.

Fever can be caused by:

- Virus
- Bacteria
- Infection
- Sunburn
- Medications

Prolonged fever can be accompanied by:

Shivers -
Delirium -
Sweat -
Headache -
Dehydration -
Excessive fever(Over 107.6 degrees) can lead to brain damage -

Fevers associated with infection rarely reach over 105 degrees. Unless you are overdressed or trapped in a hot space.

Fever in itself is not an illness, but is commonly associated with infection. Most fever will go away on their own and it is recommended that you let them do so because this is the body taking care of itself. If your fever last for more than 48 hours we would recommend that you seek medical attention.

Please remember that fever is the body's reaction to a virus or infection. there are normal part of the healing process and therefore a good thing. As long as the person with the fever is responsive and able to speak to you appropriately there should be no cause for alarm. Without them the body would have a difficult time healing itself. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our clinic we would be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have.

How do I take my temperature?

Only fevers that are causing discomfort need to be treated with medication. (Usually those that are over 102 degrees) with medication the fever usually comes down 1 - 2 degrees.

There are many new thermometers available. The most accurate being a rectal thermometer that takes the core body temperature from inside the rectum.

We use a temporal thermometer that is rubbed across forehead.

There are also thermometers that you place in the ear canal.

For constantly monitoring a person's temperature there are flexible adhesive thermometers that can be applied to the forehead or cheek. these are not the most accurate butt can be used for a general basis.