I Have A Cold

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I have a Cold

The common cold is associated with:

Sneezing -
aching -
Fever -
Snotty -
Sore throat -
Cough -

While you may think that what you have is a simple cold it could be the Flu. The cold is brought on by a virus and is transmitted by contact with the virus. This virus is ever changing so the human body can not develop a resistance to it. On average most adults will develop a cold 3 times a year while children might get 6 or more.

How to prevent a cold

During cold season (usually during the winter and spring) the virus is in most places but with the proper steps you can help to reduce your risk of contracting a cold.

- Wash your hands
- Do not eat or drink after anyone
- Stay hydrated
- rest

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for a cold. Antibiotics will not help unless there is an infection associated with it. We can help to alleviate the symptoms but generally it is best to let it run its course.