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Drug Tests In Amarillo

At some point in your life, you may be asked to get a drug screening in Amarillo. A drug screening is a painless process and takes only a few minutes of your time. A drug screen or drug test in Amarillo is the process of collecting and analyzing your urine to detect the presence of chemicals in the system attributed to drug use. There are different types of drug screens in Amarillo, and they have multiple purposes.

If you have been released from a rehabilitation program you may have to do periodic drug screening in Amarillo to prove that you have been staying sober and off of drugs.

What Kind of Drug Test do I need?

Different types of drug tests can include Urine tests, Saliva tests, Blood tests, and Hair tests. 

Urine drug screens are used most often for employment drug screening in the United States. For this kind of drug testing, samples are easy to collect and test, which is why it is the least expensive and most common form of test. You can get into higher costs when you test blood, saliva, or hair samples. These types of tests are used for purposes such as court-ordered testing. But here we will be discussing the urine drug screening only. The others were mentioned for reference to avoid confusion.

What Happens in a Urine Drug Test?

The urine sample, or specimen as it is called by medical professionals, is collected in a clinic or hospital and is supervised for adherence to quality and safety codes. Ensuring the accuracy of the test is the most important part of the process.

A urine drug test can detect Opiates, Cocaine, Marijuana, Barbiturates, Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, and Methamphetamines. Testing for these drugs is common for new employment screening purposes and if you have an accident on the job and are required to have a screening before you can return to work. Urine drug tests are not used to detect alcohol use. Alcohol use can be detected with a breathalyzer test, however, this is a service we do not provide at Amarillo STAT Care.

How is a Urine Drug Test in Amarillo Performed?

The process is relatively simple. You go to the collection site and sign in. The facility will give you a bottle to collect the sample and direct you to a restroom to catch the sample. You will not be able to wash your hands or flush the toilet, so be prepared for that. You give the urine sample to a technician who will label and test it on site. Depending on the reason for the Urine drug test in Amarillo, we can fax the results to your job, in case of job drug test, or give them to you directly.

If you have used drugs in the past or currently take medications, your healthcare provider may periodically order drug screening to determine the level of medication in your system for effectiveness. If you take blood pressure medication and your blood pressure is high and the levels in your urine are low, the provider may determine that you have not been taking your medicine correctly.