Can't Stop Coughing

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Can't stop coughing?

A cough is caused by the body responding to an irritation of the windpipe or removing other substances inside the lung. The cough is physically created by a spasm of the diaphragm resulting in a quick expulsion of air. This air leaving the lungs takes with it the irritant leaving the throat and lungs clean. So really a cough is the body's way of “scratching its throat and clearing the lungs”.

Common causes of a cough include

- Smoking
- Second hand smoke
- Allergies
- Lung infections
- Cold
- Flu
- Runny Nose

A cough can be accompanied by

Itchy Eyes -
Wheezing -
Fever -
Runny Nose -
Shortness of breath -

*A cough is normally not life threatening but can be a sign of other life threatening illnesses*

You should seek medical attention if

- A cough last longer than two weeks
- Accompanied by extreme shortness of breath
- Wheezing
- Swelling of face or throat

You can treat your short term cough at home with cough drops. If it is associated with runny nose and excess mucus production drink plenty of fluids and take a Guaifenesin (mucus drying medication). While coughing it is important that you avoid irritants. Smoking while you have a cough will only make the cough last longer and limit the body's ability to heal itself.

If after you have tried home remedies you still have a nagging cough, please come and see us so that we can further evaluate you and recommend the proper treatment.