Can't Stay Off The Toilet

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Can't stay off the toilet?

Diarrhea, is very loose or watery stool that seems to happen at the most inopportune moment. It is the body's way of removing unwanted substances.

Diarrhea is often caused by:

A virus -
Ingesting food contaminated with a Parasite -
Bacteria -
Some medications can cause diarrhea -

While uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing, it happens to almost everyone at some time in their lives. If it occurs for more than 24 hours then dehydration becomes a serious concern. The excess water in diarrhea would normally be absorbed by the intestines but is being removed to help extract the unwanted substance. While you have diarrhea it is important to drink plenty of fluids and limit your activities.

Cause for concern begins if:

- There is blood in you diarrhea
- Continues for more than 24 hours
- Accompanied by severe abdominal pain
- Fever over 102 degrees

Although you can tell me that you have diarrhea it is our job to tell you why you have diarrhea. We can run a few test to help determine the source so that we can properly treat the issue at hand.

- Labs
- Stool sample

If it is a recurring problem we will send you to a doctor that specializes in intestinal issues.
While it is a fairly natural part of life diarrhea can become a serious issue if it last for an extended period of time. Although not usually a major medical emergency. If not treated it can lead to other more serious problems.